Why You Need To Play At The Correct Limit

Playing Tight Aggressive poker Hold Em at a limit you can psychologically handle is important to make money. Read this article to learn why

Tight aggressive is one of the best strategies to take up if you are new or at a beginner level of poker. That’s because it is one of the safest/low risk strategies plus it has a relatively good profit potential.

Playing tight aggressive is simple and easy. Once you have identified the range of cards you are going to play from what positions, create a strategy for attack. You’ll definitely want to be betting aggressive right from the preflop.

By doing this, you’ll be protected with a relatively high probability of winning naturally, plus you’ll win more and more pots from your opponents just folding.

You Need To Play Tight Aggressive At The Correct Limit

One of the biggest mistakes I see new or beginner poker players make is that they are simply playing at the wrong limits. They’ll either play at too low a limit or too high a limit.

The most important thing to realize is that in online poker rooms at micro stakes – so the very low limits – tight aggressive isn’t actually that effective. Why? Because the costs of the game are so low players don’t care if they win or lose.

Most players here are just mom and pop poker players looking to have some fun. They are more concerned with the rush of betting and the risk and the gambling and the chance of winning. They don’t care about real strategy.

Also, most of them aren’t smart enough to know basic poker tactics – they wouldn’t even know you are playing tight, aggressive, what that means, or anything.

For this reason playing tight aggressive at very low limits just doesn’t work.

Likewise, playing at higher limits may not be the best thing for you. When you get into more serious limits, even $1 games depending on your level, the way the game plays changes.

Usually you will find much better poker players at these levels. These players are working on their game, working on their strategy, and are avid poker players. They know what it takes to win and are going for it.

This competition is good because they will be more in touch with the cards and betting, so they’re more likely to fold when they think they are beat. But on the other hand they are a lot tougher to win against.

So, it’s important to play tight aggressive at the right limit. Don’t go too low or you’ll waste your time. Don’t go too high because you’ll lose your money. Stay at a level that your bankroll can handle and that you can win against the level of opponents that are there.